Prevailing thoughts are to be creative, think differently, so in other words, be innovative. Since most of an audience will already have attended dozens of conferences and events, make sure that this one is memorable. Event Companies in Singapore can help people accomplish this. Anyone can plan an event, but professionals can make sure it goes that extra mile. Below are some tips to make sure any event goes off without a hitch.


Make sure the participants socialize and network, as one of the main objectives is to help the invitees interact. And since it is always difficult to “break the ice” and meet new people, consider organizing dynamic sessions. Event planners should also harness the power of “gamification” (The integration of games during a meeting or an event in order to empower strength, impact and focus).

Knowing the audience and adapting the message to them is very important. People who attend an event should be the company’s clients, so it is a must to know them well enough to offer them an experience that meets their expectations. Also, it is vital to have a period during the event where people can ask questions or make comments. Hiring an event company the likes of Se7enFriday will ensure all this is done correctly.

Hire professionals

If a person has little or no experience in event planning, hiring a qualified event company is important. This company should have a long history of success in the professional field. If by any chance, your company does not want to spend money on hiring a professional, there are literally thousands of web-based tools designed to help people plan every aspect of an event. This also helps establish clear goals and ways to measure success and return on investment (ROI).


When choosing a venue, make sure there is Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi availability does not always mean it should be a robust and reliable network. If Wi-Fi isn’t free to attendees, consider the possibility of providing free of charge basic bandwidth or a “premium” payment service.

Final options

Marvele includes sustainable initiatives during each event: despite the extra cost, people will be surprised how important it is. Once a business knows when and where the event will take place, they should think about launching an informative and attractive website talking about the event (including versions for PC, mobile, and tablets). It is crucial the site is updated often; the Internet is the most powerful marketing tool people have at their disposal. Harnessing the power of social media to promote the event before the event is a sure way to success.